Myths vs. Truth

1 - Is a creation an invention or an innovation?

2 - I intend to put my original concept in a notarized envelope or in the sealed envelope of an Intellectual Property Office or Institute. Does it grant me an Intellectual Property on my creation? Is it secured?

3 - Does a national patent (temporary title) allow me to disclose my project to investors and/or to potential collaborators with complete peace of mind?

4 - I have an innovative concept in mind and need to talk about it to specialists: Is a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement sufficient to preserve its secrets?

5 - With a Patent (temporary title), I can defend myself in court against violators!

6 - Who does a patent (temporary title) belong to once it is issued to its holder?

7 - Can I provide insurance for my patent with an insurance company?

8 - Yes or no: Companies, such as Walt Disney, have acquired international patents?

9 - Despite being the patent titleholder, my invention was copied by a multinational! I have thus decided to legally sue the company. Onto whom falls the burden of proof?

10 - Does being the titleholder of a patent protect me against electronic or other forms of espionage?

11 - Given that I am neither a writer nor an artist by trade, by what means can I be internationally recognized as the owner of my creation?

12 - Are legal proceedings pertaining to illegal copying of a Creator’s original literary and/or artistic work (his creation) subject to civil or criminal law?

13 - Is it necessary to complete an industrial prototype or to commercialize an original service-oriented concept to establish one’s Intellectual Property?

14 - Can an original idea generate an Intellectual Property claim?

15 - Can an original concept (technology, product, process, methodology or service) be included in a literary and/or artistic work category, as sheet music and books?

16 - Must a creative literary and/or artistic work, called a Work of the Mind, be filed with an institution to render a Copyright to its Creator?

17 - Can the creator of an original concept automatically claim its property?

18 - Does filing for a patent (or another monopolistic title) cancel the ownership of a prior preceding literary and/or artistic work describing the same invention?

19 - Must the Creator of an original marketable concept wait until he meets potential investors to acquire his Intellectual Property?

20 - Is the Inventor or the Creator of an original concept automatically protected by a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement?


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